We thank you for your interest in pursuring a career with Quintus Corporation.

Everything we do at Quintus is shaping the future of multifamily housing in the Southeast. We continually strive to be the best in class in every aspect of our industry and we understand that our ongoing success and continued growth is tied to attracting and retaining the most qualified employees who also match our passion and dedication to excel in our industry. Our culture is based on honesty, integrity, service, communication and trust. We are grounded in our values and driven by our mission.

Quintus is a fully integrated developer of mulifamily housing and offers opportunities in Property Management, Construction and Development in a wide variety of positions. We welcome your interest in becoming a member of the Quintus Team by submitting your resume' to We will retain your resume for consideration for 30 days. You are always welcome to resubmit after 30 days.

The Quintus Corporation is an equal opportunity employer and provides equal employment opportunity to qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origion, age, veteran status, disability or other protected status during any stage of employment including, but not limited to: recruitment, placement, promotion, training, layoff and termination.